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Referral Program

MyRate operates a customer referral program. In instances where an existing MyRate customer refers a new customer to MyRate, and that new customer has not previously enquired with MyRate and goes on to settle their loan with MyRate, MyRate may reward the existing customer who referred the new customer with a referral payment. For a settled loan to be considered eligible for the referral program, none of the borrowers listed on the new loan must be an existing borrower on any other MyRate loan. In addition, the referred customer must mention during their initial enquiry which existing MyRate customer referred them. At our discretion, we will pay the referral fee upon settlement of the new loan unless MyRate has reason to believe the referral did not come from the existing customer in question. The referral fee cannot be claimed with any other promotions or offers.

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About MyRate

MyRate is an online residential home loan provider based in Sydney. Our loans are securely funded by multiple banking institutions. MyRate works with Firstfolio Limited as our Mortgage Manager. Our Funder and our Mortgage Manager together are considered our financier.

MyRate obtains home loan products at wholesale rates from our financier and then markets that range of products to you under the MyRate brand. Because of the volume of loans we originate, we are able to obtain competitive wholesale rates from our financier and then pass on those savings to consumers.

MyRate is here to bring transparency, flexibility and efficiency to a complex home loan process.
At MyRate we strive to simplify the home loan application process. Whether you are a remote worker, a 9-to-5 office employee or a full-time mother, we are just a phone call or email away. Enquire now to get started!

Some of our awards

2013 MyRate Best Variable Home Loan Provider
Best Variable Home Loan Provider
Global Banking & Finance Review Awards
2013 MyRate Best Fixed Rate Home Loan
2013: Gold Medal
Best Fixed Rate Home Loans (overall)
Australian Home Loan Awards
2013 MyRate Best Speed of Approval Non-Bank
2013: Gold Medal
Best Speed of Approval Non-Bank
Australian Home Loan Awards
2012 MyRate Best Loan for Investors
2012: Gold Medal
Best Loan for Investors
Mortgage of the Year Awards

Contact us

General enquiries
1300 663 558
+612 8061 8195 (from overseas)
9:00am – 5:30pm, Monday - Friday, AEST
Telephone banking/Lost or stolen cards
131 455
+612 9028 4172 (from overseas)
02 8572 5328
Suite 901, level 9
447 Kent Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000
ABN 19 119 565 150
Australian Credit Licence 389058
Dispute Resolution
MyRate operates an Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process. View our IDR Procedure.
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